Sustainability Requirements Art

David Stefan, one of my research students, has collaborated with students from the Chelsea College of Art and Design to produce an art installation inspired by his research on goal-oriented sustainability management. If you are in London next week, this will be shown in the parade ground of Chelsea College, next to Tate Britain, until 27 May. There’s also a launch event on Monday 21 May for which you can register here.

This is how the project is described in the invitation:

Exactly how bad are bananas? Or anything else? Inspired by Mike Berners-Lee’s book “How bad are bananas”,  The Banana Theory Project will demonstrate the difficulty we face when deciding how to change our lifestyle to become greener. There is a lot of information out there about how to lead a greener life. In fact, there is often far too much information.  The volume of information can become overwhelming and this can make decision-making even more difficult.

Sustainability issues are big and systemic. Nearly everything we do has an impact on our environment: turning on a light bulb, washing our hands, eating a banana, event searching on Google or walking up the stairs! But knowing how good or bad the impact is doesn’t necessarily make the decision about how to change our behaviour any easier, especially when so much of the information is contradictory.

Voluntary life-style choices are unlikely to make a significant difference. Changes that will make a difference will be done through systemic organisation – by connecting and educating people. We have developed a tool to increase public interest and awareness about the impact of their everyday actions and to demonstrate the growing need to not only collect environmental data, but also to analyse and utilise it in a constructive way.

The website for this project at the following address.

And you can find an early paper describing David’s research here.

I know this will sound a bit hippie-ish, but given that we’re in London, the soundtrack for this has to be this song by the Kinks – I’ll add something more in tune with my punk soul another time.

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